Working Through Life's Challenges

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In this three disc series you will learn about the follwoing topics:

Disc 1: Over the Foxes

In this teaching, SHawn reveals how to be a "super conqueror" and overcome the 'foxes' or unhealthy mindsets that can creep in and destroy our lives. He identifies the bad attitudes and mindsets that, if left to fester and grow, can rob us from truly achieving our potential in Christ. This teaching will help you clearly see where these foxes may be present in your life so that you can overcome them and live a life of freedom.

Disc 2: Overcoming the Giants

Everyone has spiritual giants and or challenges to face in life. In this teaching, Shawn identifies the purpose of those giants in your life and how their quest to intimidate and provoke fear in you can weaken you and keep you from fulfilling your destiny. Using King David's life as a reference, Shawn shows you how to take out the giants in your life in order to experience victory and take the land that God has promised you.

Disc 3: Overcoming the Mountains

Sometimes it feels like there are massive mountains standing between you and your destiny that you will never conquer. God has called us to speak to these mountains, and just see them shift, but move. In this teaching, Shawn will show you how to use the authority God has given you as a son or daughter to conquer the big challenges in your life. Having overcome the foxes and the giants, you'll conquer and over the mountains.

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