Getting Rid of the Barriers

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Getting Rid of the Barriers: Moving PAST the Spiritual Milk

Disc 1: Eating Humble Pie

As we mature in our relationship with Christ, we see more and more the amazing freedom that is available to us because of His grace. Through this teaching, you will receive revelation and wisdom on establishing healthy boundaries for healthy living. This word is a now word for the Body; we need to see how radically our actions and lives affect those around us, whether negatively or positively. Sometimes we need a good piece of humble pie to help us realize it's not just about us.

Dis 2: Offended or Encouraged

The mature believer operates from a place of seeing situations through the eyes of God. In this teaching, Shawn shares on the importance of seeing and discerning by and through the Spirit, looking beyond the external in any given situation or individual. Through this, you will learn how God adapts the expression of the Kingdom to the culture, and how as believers we must choose to be encouraged and not offended.

Dis 3: Eating the Good from All the Streams

The true sign of a mature believer is being able to recognize what God is doing even when you're with those who do not share the same expression or may be culturally different. In this teaching, Shawn unveils truths on learning how to receive from all the streams within the Body of Christ to gain a fuller and clearer perspective of the beauty of Jesus Christ. This teaching will bring powerful alignment to your perspectives revealing the true value of the different parts of the Body of Christ.

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