Receiving Supernatural Promotion

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Receiving Supernatural Promotion 

"Positioning Yourself for Divine Inheritance"

Disc 1 - Attracting the Annointing and the Trust of God 

In this prophetic message, Shawn shares some keys on positioning yourself in order for the promises and destiny over your life to come to pass. We need to understand the Biblical principles for aligning our lives in the present for our future through serving and honor. This teaching will launch you into a new perspective on how to prepare now for your future and to posture yourself to receive impartation and spiritual mantles. Shawn will give you both spiritual and practical that will help attract promotion from the Lord as well as what prepares us to walk in the annointing and power of God.

Disc 2 - Raising up the Generations

In this teaching, Shawn shares insight into the power of multiplying what you have in someone else, leaving both a legacy and inheritance behind. In this hour in the body of Christ, apostolic Fathering and mothering are being highlighted along with their role and importance in the great move of God that's going to sweep the earth. This teaching will open your eyes to the power of raising up sons and daughters who demonstrate the Kingdom and willl reveal the revelation of multiplication.

Disc 3 - Seeing as He Sees

We need to see ourselves the way the Father sees us, and as we do, we will begin to access all that is available to us in Christ. Our perspectives in the Spirit and the way we see ourselves have a direct affect on our access to our spiritual inheritance in Christ. In this teaching, Shawn shares keys on how to rise up into your Kingdom potential by seeing yourself as the Father sees you. This teaching will help shatter the false image you have had of yourself and launch you into the lifestyle of a kingdom son and daughter.

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