Realeasing the Supernatural III - Stepping into the Miraculous

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This 3rd Releasing the Supernatural, "Stepping into the Miraculous," CD set includes 10 sessions of teaching on the miraculous and the kingdom and carries a strong impartation for the listener. This event was off the hook and left people at another level in God after it was all over. You need to get this set into your hands as it will help initiate an explosion in your faith. 

This set includes:

1. Walking in Supernatural Authority - Jerame Nelson

2. Releasing the New Wine - Jerame Nelson

3. Walking with the Generations - Jerame Nelson

4. Foundations of the Kingdom - Shawn Gabie

5. Stories of the Miraculous - James Maloney

6. Understanding your Sonship - James Maloney

7. The Rains of God - Jerame Nelson

8. Stepping into the Supernatural - Bill Prankard

9. Having the Keys of the Kingdom - Shawn Gabie

10. The Power of Impartation - James Maloney