Releasing the Supernatural I - Learning How to Manifest your Prophetic Spirit

7CD-Set / Stacey Campbell, Shawn Gabie, Faytene Kryskow

The church just doesn't need another conference, but an event in history that will activate our spirit into the calling and destiny that's been since the beginning of time. We all have a prophetic spirit that is destined to relay the heart and mind of God to all mankind. The supernatural kingdom of heaven is within every believer and we are called to release what's on the inside of us everywhere we go. This event will open your eyes and spirit to the supernatural realms of His kingdom and give you the keys to open the doors to a lifestyle of this in your own life.

7-CD set teaching includes:

- Understanding your Prophetic Role - Shawn Gabie

- Choosing to Manifest our Prophetic Spirit - Faytene Kyskow

- Why Signs and Wonders - Stacey Campbell

- Transforming the Culture With His Power - Stacey Campbell

- Working the Revelatory Gifts - Shawn Gabie 

- Ecstatic Prophecy and Manifestations - Stacey Campbell

- Keeping the First Thing First - Stacey Campbell