School of Daniel 2012 - USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash Drive is a compilation of the teachings found at the 2012 School of Daniel. It features topics such as: the prophetic, the miraculous, faith, the glory realm, the kingdom, and cultural transformation. Its speakers include: Joshua Mills, James Maloney, Stacey Campbell, Charlie Robinson, Ryan Wyatt, Shawn Gabie, Bill Prankard, Sammy Robinson and Faytene Grasseschi (Kryskow). 

The purpose and objective of the school is to combine strong biblical teaching with a demonstration and activation in the life of the believer. If you are looking for a school to challenge, train, and activate you in the lifestyle of the kingdom that Daniel demonstrated in the Bible, then this school is for you.

Daniel was a major influence in the society of his day, and you are also called to have a similar influence wherever God has placed you, drawing on the supernatural kingdom within you.

This USB Flash Drive Includes:

Session 1: Stacey Campbell - Ecstatic Prophecy (Part 1)

Session 2: Stacey Campbell - Ecstatic Prophecy (Part 2)

Session 3: Stacey Campbell - Prophetic Foundations (Part 1)

Session 4: Stacey Campbell - Prophetic Foundations (Part 2)

Session 5: Shawn Gabie - Miracle Working for Dummies

Session 6: Shawn Gabie - Believing for the Bizarre and Unusual

Session 7: James Maloney - Keys to Releasing the Miraculous (Part 1)

Session 8: James Maloney - Keys to Releasing the Miraculous (Part 2)

Session 9: Sammy Robinson - Building a Realm for the Miraculous

Session 10: Shawn Gabie - Our Measure of Faith

Session 11:Shawn Gabie - Exposing Unbelief

Session 12: Shawn Gabie - The Gift of Faith

Session 13: Shawn Gabie - Mountain Moving Faith

Sessoin 14: Joshua Mills - Receiving a Miracle Mindset

Session 15: Joshua Mills - Experience the Glory

Session 16: Joshua Mills - Creating an Atmosphere for God's Presence

Session 17: Joshua Mills - Activating Angels

Session 18: Charlie Robinson - The Kingdom, Power and Glory

Session 19: Ryan Wyatt - Bringing Heaven on Earth

Session 20: Ryan Wyat- The Birth of the New Breed

Session 21: Ryan Wyatt- The Language of the Kingdom

Session 22: Ryan Wyatt  - Hosting the Holy Spirit

Session 23: Faytene Grasseschi (Kryskow) - Transforming Nations and Shifting Culture (Part 1)

Session 24: Faytene Grasseschi (Krsykow) - Transforming Nations and Shifting Culture (Part 2)

Session 25: Bill Prankard - Transforming Culture by the Anointing

Session 26: Bill Prankard - Transforming Culture Through Fasting and Prayer

Session 27: Joe Mehbrahtu - Transforming Culture by Creating Culture