Secrets of the Supernatural Life

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"Shawn Gabie’s Secrets of a Supernatural Life is a practical handbook on the prophetic that will teach you to connect heaven to earth in your everyday"   —Rachel Hickson, Director Heartcry for Change Ministries - Oxford UK

"The revelatory truths, practical tools, and strong Biblical foundation laid out in this book will propel you into experiencing a supernatural lifestyle. Well done Shawn!"  —Faisal Malick, Author of The Destiny of Islam in the End Times

In this highly motivating book, “Secrets of the Supernatural Life,” Shawn Gabie gives a clear blueprint for why we need teaching and training in the supernatural, as well as practical tools on how to walk in the supernatural every day.  If you are hungering for more of the supernatural in your life, you will LOVE this book!  We can attest that Shawn has personally put into practice all that he writes about. - Wesley and Stacey Campbell


Book Description: 

But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets…” Daniel 2:28

Secrets of the Supernatural Life is alive with Spirit-driven energy that will take you into a supernatural realm you never imagined possible!

Ten exciting chapters discuss life-changing topics such as:

  • Prophetic Essentials
  • Recognizing the voice of God
  • Heaven on earth through you
  • Understanding the Language of the Spirit
  • Detecting Counterfeits
  • Experiencing the greater works

You will learn how to engage and live a supernatural life, where experience with God and His Kingdom is an everyday occurrence. You will be exposed to and equipped with important tools including recognizing the voice of God, Kingdom principles, encountering Jesus, and experiencing the miraculous. 

The choice is yours—are you satisfied with living a “normal” spiritual life, or are you ready to learn the secrets of living an authentic, biblical, supernatural life?